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Dario's passion for photography is self evident.  The process of conceiving, developing, and giving birth to the final result is a gratifying one.  Coaxing the beauty from any situation, each image is a tribute to its subject.

Dario incorporates his engineering background in his work, carefully scheduling and orchestrating the logistics of putting a complex project together.  A team of specialists and assistants brings additional resources to bear.

His intensity and focus couples with a natural reserve of creativity for a formidable ability to bring your vision to reality.

Contact Information


Mailing Address:                    14153 Jamie Drive, Carmel, IN 46033

Phone:                                     Indiana Residents: 317.432.8214

                                                 Chicago/Lexington/Louisville: 800-941-6640 (Toll Free)

Email:                                      photos@darioimpiniphotography.com

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