Boudoir -- from the French word "bouder", meaning "to sulk".  Sulking as in, languidly wistful.... seductive, provocatively pouty... a woman in her private quarters, mysterious and beckoning...

There are many reasons women seek out boudoir photographs.  Some do it just for themselves, to feel desireable, to feel special and fawned over, to feel like a model or a playmate.  Some do it for their lovers, knowing this visual and very personal treat makes for among the most special gifts a woman can give -- a small taste of the prize she holds for him.  Whatever the reason, we provide this specialized service sensitively, respectfully, and skillfully.

Our boudoir sessions run up to 5 hours.  We find most clients start to weary by 5 hours giving us our best images in that time frame.  During this process we will take 150+ photos giving you many different poses, expressions, outfits, scenes, and lighting.  The styles vary from modestly seductive to as aggressive and intimate as you want to be.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Whichever style you choose, our images will be of the highest quality on par with national publications.  The kinds of images you would be proud to have and give as a special gift, and even show to your close friends.

Take a look at our sample page to get a sense of our diversity and style.

Note: Some clients are looking for very erotic photography such as Playboy style and beyond.  While we do not choose to display these images in our sample page, we do shoot them upon your direction and request.



Are you interested?  Here are some considerations for the shoot:


We are here to serve you.  If you have a pre-conceived notion of what you're looking for, we're happy to bring your concept to life.  If you've been inspired by a certain photograph or scene in a movie, we'll work to recreate this artwork.  And if you're the "surprise me" type, we will bring our own creativity to bear to produce beautiful results.


Many clients feel most comfortable in their own home for this type of shoot.  Others prefer a studio environment.  Still others harbor an adventurous spirit and dare to shoot "in the field", that is, a relatively safe and secure location lending a special sense of freedom and beauty to the images.  Examples are wild fields, old barns, streams and lakes, etc.  We happily accommodate any of these interests and preferences.

Our newest feature is a beautiful downtown Bed & Breakfast Inn.  Decorated with a charming old world sensibility, the suite features a four post bed, large low slung windows, antique furniture and lighting, fireplace, glamour vanity, jacuzzi and more.  It is the preferred location when you want to achieve an unparalleled authentic realism and charm.


You should bring those outfits and articles of clothing that are most flattering on you because you will look best in your own clothing.  Lingerie of course is a consistent favorite, along with bikinis and any articles or objects that are of special significance to your intended viewer (a hat, football, jersey, guitar, etc).

We also have a selection of fabrics, both sheer and solid, satins and the like as alternatives for that extra touch of glamour.

Make up

We have optional staff to provide magazine caliber hair and make up services.  This must be requested in advance of the shoot at additional charge.

After the session

We sift through the images pulling out the blinks and test shots.  These are further sorted into an "A" and "B" list -- those that are nice, and those that are the "killer" shots that command attention.  These are then posted in a private online directory for your review and selection of five images to enhance and touch up to cover girl caliber.  We roll back the years so that you look your absolute best.  We can even "nip and tuck" and often do this of our own accord (with your permission and/or at your request).  All this work is done in a subtle way so as to present you at your best while "keeping you honest" so that you still look like you.

You receive all the images in a high resolution CD you can use to make prints small or large.


If there are any questions you need answered, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information.  We are happy to help.