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You have aspirations to model.  Perhaps someone said you should be a model, or you've seen TV shows and are intrigued by the glamour and excitement.  There is much of that, and a surprising amount of hard work too.  And sometimes, discomfort in the form of uncomfortable weather (think bikini shots in the winter).  But there is a powerful and addictive rush when you see your face on a magazine cover or in a national advertisement.  It can be very rewarding both financially and to your ego.  

We personally invest our thoughts, guidance, and creativity into your goals and aspirations.  Do you believe in yourself?  We're right there with you.

The first question to consider is what type of modeling interests you and what types might offer your best chance at success.  A useful though not hard and fast guide would be the following chart:

Height of Model

Common Market Segments         


Runway, Fashion print advertising


Fashion print advertising




Commercial print advertising for Asian market

5'4" - 5'2"

Commercial print advertising for department stores and hair and beauty products


Parts modeling (hands, legs, feet), fitness, swimwear, lingerie, product modeling (shows, television)

Certainly there are exceptions to this general guide but it serves as a starting point for your thought process.

Another helpful hint is to begin collecting magazines of various types -- fashion, glamour, catalogs, on the internet, etc -- and review them for the kind of photos that intrigue you.  The ones that catch your eye, that you can visualize yourself in.  You'll want to clip those out and collect them together so at some point, they start to form a style, a signature of how you see yourself in modeling.  

This is an excellent guide for you and for us when we meet for your consultation.  In this collection of photos you will discover a great reference for posing, expression, and wardrobe.  How one stands, and the intensity and direction of their gaze projects a powerful image when done right.  Practice posing each image in front of a mirror.  Practice emoting with your face and body language.  A well prepared and practiced model demonstrably achieves much better results than just showing up at the studio.  

A word about the "look"...

We don't mean having the "right look", but how you use your eyes in a photoshoot.  Compelling faces that catch your eye as a photograph often have a penetrating look in their eyes.  Eyes that are not looking at the camera, but at you as you look at the image.  This is a subtle and powerful skill and can mark the difference between an image that is technically fine and an image that has that special quality that gets one noticed.

This is an especially important skill to master.  Practice the ability to look "through" the camera, at the imaginary person who will be looking at your final images.  Pretend they are actually there.  Imagine that you are communicating with your eyes, whether it be power, affection, anger, excitement, etc.

As well, note that many fashion shots are "look aways" -- a gaze away from the camera.  Practice these as well, learning to ignore the camera and appear focused on another object or person.  Use appropriate props and bring them with you to the photoshoot.  Handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories, etc can be incorporated into the images to give you something to "play against".

To capture enthusiasm and personality, engage the photographer light heartedly.  Relax and enjoy yourself and the images will display spontaneity and appeal.

Finally, for your photoshoot bring bottled water and a light snack.  A photoshoot can last several hours so prepare to stay hydrated and nourished without overfilling.

We look forward to working with you.  Please call for more information.