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Your senior year is a special time of your life.  Standing at the leading edge of your adulthood you look forward to new opportunities and experiences while holding on to good friends and memories.  Help them keep you close to their hearts by giving them photos that really capture who you are.  Your personality, your interests and hobbies, your goals... your   self.

Our photo sessions last 2-3 hours during which we capture 100+ photos.  You will have plenty of different poses, expressions, and styles to choose from.


Things to consider for your photo shoot:


You will want to pick up to five outfits that flatter you and give you a diversity of looks.  Everything from casual, to playful, to formal.  


You have up to three locations to consider.   We can do all studio shots (additional charges apply), or all on location, or a mix.  Is there a special spot at home you like?  A special park you enjoy?  Or we can make suggestions to fit all personalities and styles.

Hobbies and Interests

We believe in giving you a custom product.  Something that defines who you are, and who you will carry within you your whole life.  Do you play basketball?  Are you musical?  Theatrical?  Technical?  We're happy to incorporate your special interests that make you unique.  We can go on location to capture you in action, or bring your point of interest with you to the studio.  Its all about you.


We will sort through the images to remove blinks and test shots and post the results in a private online directory for your review and selection.  Your chosen images are then touched up, printed, and mailed to you.  You can optionally elect to include your graduation year on the wallet photos.


If there are any questions you need answered, please do not hesitate to call or email for more information.  We are happy to help.