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You reached this point because you were drawn in by fabulously artistic wedding photography.  Images that transcend time and space, to be hung on a wall as a personal statement about your relationship.  To be admired not just by you, every day you walk by them, but by your children, and your children's children.  A family heirloom, standing as a model and testament to your love, for literally generations to come.  

Yes, photography matters.  It matters more than catering.  More than the music.  And more than the flowers.  Realize that after your wedding comes and goes, you really only go home with a very select number of things -

  • Your husband
  • The ring
  • The photos

Even the dress goes back into storage, never to be worn again.  99 times out of 100, your daughter will want to choose her own dress, like you did.

Understanding the photos matter, how do we maximize the potential for capturing moments of beauty and emotion?  By understanding the following:




Art cannot be forced into 5 minutes between the ceremony and the reception.  You need to provide enough time to get stunning shots -- to go to where it is beautiful, to set up the lighting, to clear the area of extraneous parties.  Your options - plan on having a break between the ceremony and reception, or plan on seeing each other before the wedding to shoot all the formals so you have time afterwards to shoot the artistic shots, or simply schedule a second day to do the artistic shots.  It's included in our package price after all.






Great people photography is a collaboration.  You have to participate, by simply being natural.  Which means keeping it light, laughing, being affectionate with your mate, having fun.  And it also means not stressing about the flowers being late, or the dress getting dirty.  That's not important.  Your photos are important.  Relax.  Enjoy.






Choosing where you will have your wedding and reception have a big impact on your photos.  We are after all, photographers, not magicians.  Be aware that many Catholic churchs in central Indiana have highly restrictive photography policies limiting both time available as well as the types and varieties of shots possible.  Consider whether your prospective locations have artistic value -- scenic parks nearby, dramatic building structures (sweeping stairs, beautiful windows, etc),


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